Company Establish

with AOS Bali, responsible immigration consultant

Activity / purpose of this Services:

PT Perorangan hanya bisa didirikan oleh 1 orang/NIK KTP. Jika sudah pernah membuat PT perorangan, maka baru dapat mendirikan PT perorangan baru di tahun berikutnya.


Definition of Limited Partnership or Commanditaire Vennootschap (Dutch) or often referred to as CV , in general is a form of partnership business entity that does not have a minimum capital limit, which is established by two or more people where some members have unlimited liability and some members others have limited liability. 


CV has a separation of personal assets and company assets.

CV founders can only be Indonesian citizens. Foreign foreigners are not allowed to set up a CV. Between CV and PT or other form of entity, have the same income tax calculation norms. The tax calculation is the same.


The legal entity through which a foreign person, foreign company, or foreign government body can conduct business in Indonesia (meaning generating revenue streams and profit) is the PT PMA.